N.V. Bureau Wijsmuller, IJmuiden

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In 1947, Wijsmuller came prevent in the possession of a tugboat under the name "Noord-Holland", after purchase of the in 1945 in America built "ATA 238 by Gulfport Boiler & Welding Works , Port Arthur, Texas U.S.A . This new acquisition arrived 18 August 1947 in IJmuiden and had a content of 548 gross tons . The dimensions of the "" Noord-Holland" are: length b.p.p. 143', breadth mld. 33' and depth mld. 17' The tug is powered by two General Motors Diesels, giving a totall output of 2600 I.H.P., and is equipped with all modern navigational aids, such as radar, echo sounder, wireless direction finder, while her radio equipment consist of the most modern installation for wireless telegraph and telephone with extraordinarily long range. Under tow the "Noord-Holland" has a range of 7500 miles without refueling. The speed of the tug, fitted with a single screw, is 15 knots. Until 1961 the Noord-Holland was the flag-ship of N.V. Bureau Wijsmuller. By an attempt on 31th August 1961 to refloat the Greek ss. Georgios Tsavliris, which grounded at Pulu Nipas, Indonesia, ther came an Indonesian patrol boat of there Navy which ordered us to trow loose and follow them to Pulu Sambu, where the officers were brought ashore. There after the "Noord-Holland" was captured to Tandjong Priok where they took the rest of the crew ashore.The name of the ship was removed the Indonesian flag hoisted, and on 16th october the ship was claimed and her name chanched in "Selat Berhala". Shortly after the tug grounded in Indonesian waters and went lost.

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