N.V. Bureau Wijsmuller, IJmuiden

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"Cycloop II" 

The Cycloop (II) has been  the first new tugboat, that brought in trade after the war , built by  Fikkers Bros at Foxhol. On 3th June 1953, this boat was launched. The official trial was on 1th September 1953, and two days later the tugboat arrived at IJmuiden. This tugboat has a  content of 232 gross tons. The demensions are:length b.p.p. 103'-4", breadth  26'-9" and depth 13'. The Cycloop is propelled by two Bolnes diesel-engines, giving a total output of 1200 I.H.P and a speed of 12 knots. In December 1963, the Cycloop was sold to French society and got the name Pollux.

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