N.V. Bureau Wijsmuller, IJmuiden

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"Friesland" (III) 

On 2th May 1957 a sister ship of the Titan, the Friesland (III) has been launched on  the same Shipyard . The official trial was on 2th August 1957. After a rebuilding of the after mast  the Friesland left on 31 July 1963 from IJmuiden to Marsa el Brega in the Persian-Gulf tobe stationed there as tugboat, buoyage- and diving vessel. In 1963, the tugboat renamed in Cycloop (III) , and be sold in 1979 to Willemstad, Curaçao and later renamed in Zamtug and there after  Telco Command, the tug got lost under this name in the Gulf of Biscaje

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