1940-1947  The second World War and
the recovery of the company thereafter.

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So after Messrs. Goedkoop take over the name of Wijsmullersurvived, and in 1938  the new tug "Amsterdam was built,but unfortunately the proces of recovery was soon halted by the outbreak of war again. When Germany invaded Holland, the tugs "Amsterdam" and "Hector"escaped to Britain, while the "Utrecht", "Stentor" and "Nestor" were captured. The "Utrecht"was sunk in German service, but the other two were returned at the end of the war. In 1945, therefore, it was necessary to start all over again, virtually from nothing. The "Amsterdam", not being suitable for long voyages, was sold to Belgium in 1947 and an American-built tug of 2.600 hp was bought to replace her.

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Steam tug "Amsterdam" built 1938, gross tons 368, 1400 hp, 1947 sold to Belgium,
renamed "Adrien Letzer" demolished in 1961

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In 1947 the "Noord-Holland" was bought. The tug was the ex  "ATA 238" of the U.S.A. Navy,
  built in 1945, 548 gross tons, 2.600 hp. In 1961 the tug was captured by Indonesia

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The "Noord-Holland" leave IJmuiden with a dry dock to Ceylon.

History of a kind was made that same year, 1947, when the Dutch Navy contracted Wijsmuller to carry out a long towage job. Manned by Wijsmuller crews, under the command of Captain Maarten de Koe, two small navy tugs, the "Beatrix"and "Margriet"towed a large floating krane from Holland to the West Indies, where another tug, the "Soegio", and a dry dock were picked up. the crane was put into the dry dock, which wasthen towed by the three tugs via the Panama Canal across the Pacific into Indonesia.The voyage was an even more impressive feat for the time when it is realized that the tugs were not the large oceangoing type but of the small harbour/coastal class.

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Arrival of the "" Margriet", "Soegio" and "Beatrix" at Indonesia in1947

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