"President Garcia"
part II
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Also the Stentor was involved

With the arrival of a vacuvator, brought by the tug Stentor from IJmuiden, part of the cargo was quickly unloaded, after which the pumps were started up. Late on the afternoon of thursday, July 20th, watched by thousands of residents and visitors, the tugs made their second attempt. Their combined power of nearly 10,000 IHP was adequate to pull the vessel off the rocks and into deeper water and towed backwards to the roads of St. Peter Port at Guernsey. Later she was towed stern first from St. Peter Port to Rotterdam for discharge and possible repair at the Rotterdam Drydock Company.

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Up and below: Part of the vessel's cargo of copra was unloaded with the aid of one of our
vacuvators into the coaster Teunika

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The Utrecht en Willem Barendsz in action by the second attempt to refload the President Garcia

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Backwards the President Garcia be towed by the Utrecht en Willem Barendsz from Saints Bay into deeper water

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Up and below: The transport arrived at the Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Waterweg , Rotterdam

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