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An order for the construction of two 14.000 IHP tugs was given to the Dutch shipyard  v.d. Giessen- de Noord at Krimpen a/d IJssel on the 20th june 1975. Both vessels, the Typhoon and  Tempest added to the Wijsmuller fleet in 1976.
The new vessels, designed according to the highest Wijsmuller standards based on experience in ocean towage and salvage, will be capable of: - carrying out the heaviest anchor handling operations for pipelaying barges, burying barges, drilling rigs, etc. - servicing and supplying pipelaying barges and drilling rigs - ocean towage and salvage. In the design of these vessels, special attention has been given to the requirementthat anchor handling should be possible during very adverse weather conditions. Downtime of pipelaying barges, derrick barges, etc. -includingsuch barges of the 3rd generation- is expected to be reduced due to the anticipated operational capabilities of the tug. Moreover capabilities for servicing and supplying pipelaying barges and drilling rigs have been incorporated in the design, resulting in: a) a large clear deck-area aft approximately half the ship's stantial amount of deck cargo. b)ample tank-space for large quantities of fuel oil and fresh water. For the anchor handling and towing arrangements an hydraulically driven double drum waterfall type anchor handling and towing winch, mark Norwinch has been fitted on each of the tugs.
The contents are 1.199 Gross tons, length o.a. 156'-10", breadth 44'-5"and depth 20'-6''. The propulsion machinery consists of two Stork- Werkspoor 6TM 410 diesel engines, of which each drives a controllable pitch propellot turning in a Kort nozzle.
In 1987 the ships has brought under the flag of Vanuatu, but came back under te Dutch flag when they have been added to the joined venture 'SmitWijs Towage' C.V.
and sail at present as Smiwijs Tempest and Smitwijs Typhoon

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"Smitwijs Typhoon"  SmitWijs Towage C.V.

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