N.V. Bureau Wijsmuller, IJmuiden

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"Titan" (III) 

The Titan (III) was ordered in 1955 by   Messr. Jonker & Stans,  Hendrik Ido Ambacht, near Rotterdam. The launching took place on 29th October 1955 and the tugboat  was transferred to Wijsmuller on 19th March 1956 during the trial. With this ship a new series tugboats were taken for use, because there  be ordered 5 more , which became in business during a period of three years. The Titan has a content of 245 gross  tons. The dimensions are: length   b.p.p.103'-4", breadth 26'-9", and depth 13'. The propulsion installation consist of two Bolnes diesel motors, giving a total output of  1200 I.H.P. The tugboat has been equipped with radio telegrafie and telefonie, radio level apparatus, echo lead and radar. In 1981, the Titan is sold to America.

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