N.V. bureau Wijsmuller, IJmuiden

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In 1960  Wijsmuller bought the tugboat Utrecht (III) . Just as the Noord-Holland and the Zeeland the Utrecht came from America. In 1943 build in Orange, by the Levingston S.B.   Co. Texas, U.S.A. The tug belongs to Moran Towing & Transportation, under the name Joseph H.Moran. In February 1960, the tugboat got the name Utrecht and left on 26th March 1960 from Boston to Hong Kong with on tow the aircraft-carrier  Kasashan Bay, that had been meant for scrap. The tugboat show her self for the first time in IJmuiden on 30th August 1960 and has underdo a rebuilding after that . The amounts content  to 524 gross tons. The dimensions are: length b.p.p. 143', breadth mld 33' and depth 17'.   The tug is powered by two General Motors diesels, giving a total output of 2600 I.H.P. The speed of the tug, fitted with a single screw, is 15 knots. The Utrecht was sold in 1964 to France and renamed in Hippopotame

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