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Hollands Glorie

Once there sailed a Dutchman,
the buccaneer Piet Hein,
a seeking of the Silver Fleet,
upon the rolling main.

Now the modern Dutchmen,
plies her legal trade,
of ocean towing and salvage,
on this her name is made.

Down among the Southern Seas,
or off the Scottisch Coast,
the gallant ships of Holland,
the phoenix of her ghost.

A dredger for Aruba,
a cranebarge for Dubai,
a floating dock for Singapore,
a rig of the island of Skye.

"Zwarte Zee" and "Cycloop"
"Noord Holland" and "Thames"
towing a rig or running light,
these ocean tugs are a stirring sight

Shortening in her hawser,
or smothering the blaze,
the gallant ships of Holland,
all earn the sailors praise.

                           Richard W. S. Miller.

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